March 2, 2013

Felted Scarf

I made this simple and fun scarf from Corridale roving that I bought at Stitches West. It was dyed in a lovely hues of red, pink, and peach. All I did was untied the braid and gently pulled the fiber to an even layer on a flat surface until it is evenly distributed like a cobweb. Then I tuck bits of raw fleece inside the fold of wool, and embellished it with some sequined threads. To help secure them I put small wisps of wool over it before felting.
Braided roving
Untied the braid
Spread flat and thin
Thin wisps of fiber to help secure embellishment

1 comment:

Terrie said...

The white raw fleeces are just icing on the cake. Very pretty. Ah..... you know the way to secure the thread by a little bit of wool over it. Clever !