February 25, 2013

A Visit from a Crafty Friend from HK

Last month my friend, Terriea stayed with us for a week. We were both taking a Felting and Eco Print workshop in Pacific Grove, Monterey. We had planned this for weeks, and I was really excited to see her again to show her around. Unfortunately, I was sick with a bad cold and cough. I felt bad that I couldn't show her much around town. We did managed to walk at my neighborhood to find plant materials for dyeing. She has a passion for eco print and felting, and she is generous in sharing her ideas and teaching. I was really touched with all her generous gifts.
A charming Victorian ceramic doll, I shall name her Daphne
A wise owl and a playful lamb

1 comment:

Terrie said...

If I've time I'd have modified the owl look. The head should be broader. It looks weird. Thanks for the mention.