February 20, 2013

Gifts from Miles Away

I was overjoyed to receive a package from my dear friend, Terriea in Hong Kong. In the box were handmade gifts from her creation. There was not just one gift, but two! One is a handmade booklet of eco print leaves bound in wool felted cover and a ceramic leaf button. The other is a cell-phone holder felted with flowers in front and a black cat in the back. I am touched with all your generous gifts and will treasure them with all my heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Today is a special day for me, one being my birthday and other to have wonderful friends. For links to her other creations, click here.

Handfelt booklet with ceramic leaf enclosure
Print of liquidambar styraciflua, or American sweetgum in nuno felt cover.

Felted wool phone holder with flowers in my favorite color
Rear View of adorable cat, which reminds me of Pogue.


Terrie said...

GREAT that you love them. Thinking of you particularly on your BIRTHDAY today. Wish you a wonderful day with your loved ones. BIG hugs and kisses, to Pogue also !!

msiagal1usa said...

Thank you Thank you, Terriea :)